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OMG Cougar Town - why didn't I find this show before?!?! I marathoned the second series and I'm just going back now and watching all of series one. WHY SO GOOD, SHOW? Laurie is pretty much my favorite character, but they're all kind of amazing. IT'S BECOME MY COCAINE!!

Mad Men's back as well folks. Not sure how I feel about this season yet, but I always feel that way then it ends and I fall apart because I don't have it in my life anymore. FAT!BETTY is not my favorite thing in the world, but I get where they were going with that.

I've been watching a shit ton of movies as well. Watched 'Like Crazy' today which was cute, but idk there's something about Jennifer Lawrence that just makes me like all of her characters much more than anybody else in the film? It felt like she was in it for all of two seconds but it was the best two seconds of foreverrr. Just not feelin' it, Felicity Jones. (I take it back, I was totally feeling it until Sex-Hair-JLaw comes stumbling out, then I wasn't).

Also 'Meeks Cutoff' was surprisingly good. It was super slow but really, really engaging. It's kind of like the antithesis of all the movies that are coming out at the moment, so it was nice.Collapse )

Immensely interesting post, I imagine... ;P
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Do people even read motorized anymore? Hm. Who knows.

Anyway, so I figured I should update? Can't remember when I last did so, so here it goes.

Just got back from NYC, had a two and a half week trip there to basically get drunk, smoke a lot and have some sex. Does that border on being tmi? Eh. Anyway, in that regard it worked out quite well :P Collapse )

What else is happening? Am doing honours this year, which basically means that I have to write a mini-thesis (not as big as PhD, but still substantial). Still figuring out what the hell to do for that. I'm also in the midst of writing a play (hence the copious amounts of money spent on theater tickets), so that should be done hopefully by the middle of the year... hopefully.

Aside from that, not much else is happening. What's up with you flisters?
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lol, so...

I haven't posted here in ages.

I'm thinking that in the New Year I'll use this to talk fandom and life again etc but we'll see.

How's it going flist?
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Hey guys.. so it's become a little bit clear that I'm not really active around here anymore. Sometimes I come on, but honestly, I don't see myself updating too much over the next little while. I'm just about to start a new film, and honestly, I wasn't great at updating when I didn't have a project on. There's no hope for me now. :P

The only thing that I'm really active on is twitter: katelmcgraw

So sorry guys... hopefully I'll be back soon, but we'll see.
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Just got back from NYC (did I tell you guys, went over to visit my family for christmas) - AND IT WAS AWESOME.

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, is it just me, or is Kristen Chenoweth the most amazing person ever? Seriously, I saw her in Promises, Promises, and she was incredible. Not only with the singing (how is it possible that she's better live when she's PERFECT recorded?), but she's an incredible actor as well. Guh. I'm in love. Also saw La Bete and had a cigarette with Joanna Lumley and chatted about scripts and what I was/am writing at present and stuff, which pretty much completed my life.

Also I found out that I'm going to be moving to LA in 2012..?

Life, why so awesome?

Anyway, how was everybody else's Christmas?

(need to post advent calender icons at some stage... geh.)
(will also post reactions to Black Swan and The King's Speech at some stage, both of which I saw in the past week)
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okay, time for a real post.

I GOT MY LAPTOP BACK, YAY. I also have a load of work to do for ye old university, but I can't be bothered at present. Would prefer to post something here, make some icons, etc.

aka. procrastination, but whatever. I've suddenly got the urge to share a whole bunch of fandom opinions, so here we go :D

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So now, after all that, I'm thinking it's time to get caught up on that advent calender.