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T / doctor who / heart of the tardis

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T / doctor who / heart of the tardis

OMG Cougar Town - why didn't I find this show before?!?! I marathoned the second series and I'm just going back now and watching all of series one. WHY SO GOOD, SHOW? Laurie is pretty much my favorite character, but they're all kind of amazing. IT'S BECOME MY COCAINE!!

Mad Men's back as well folks. Not sure how I feel about this season yet, but I always feel that way then it ends and I fall apart because I don't have it in my life anymore. FAT!BETTY is not my favorite thing in the world, but I get where they were going with that.

I've been watching a shit ton of movies as well. Watched 'Like Crazy' today which was cute, but idk there's something about Jennifer Lawrence that just makes me like all of her characters much more than anybody else in the film? It felt like she was in it for all of two seconds but it was the best two seconds of foreverrr. Just not feelin' it, Felicity Jones. (I take it back, I was totally feeling it until Sex-Hair-JLaw comes stumbling out, then I wasn't).

Also 'Meeks Cutoff' was surprisingly good. It was super slow but really, really engaging. It's kind of like the antithesis of all the movies that are coming out at the moment, so it was nice.Incredible scenery.Collapse )

Immensely interesting post, I imagine... ;P
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